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Gluten Free Guidelines: Avoiding Allergens When Ordering Pizza

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If you’re just starting out with a gluten free lifestyle, you’re starting to understand that avoiding gluten is almost as difficult as avoiding sunshine– it’s all over the place, even in places where you might least expect it. When you’re going out for pizza, it’s important that you know where there could be hidden sources of gluten. It’s also important to dine at places who take gluten free diets seriously. Hidden Sources Of Gluten Pizza and pasta are traditionally made from wheat flour. Gluten gives...

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Enjoying A Glass Of Wine: 3 Features To Look For In Paper Wine Bags

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Americans have an affinity for wine and appear to embrace a glass at every opportunity possible. The U.S. is known for being the on of the largest wine consuming nations in the world. If you enjoy a glass of Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Noir, then you know just how important preserving the wine is in order to sample the wine in its finest condition. Paper wine bags are perfect for transporting bottles of wine from one location to another, and are becoming insanely popular. Here are 3 features to look for: The Ability To Insulate...

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8 Fun Ways To Surprise The Lady In Your Life With A Little Gourmet Chocolate

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If your lady love is anything like most women with a sweet tooth, she probably enjoys getting a sweet surprise from you once in awhile. Choosing chocolate as your gift of choice is a smart option as it is thought to promote optimal heart health, and its rich indulgent properties tend to stand out from the candy isle crowd. Next time you present her with a little gourmet chocolate as a token of your love, try one of these eight fabulous methods to make the gift a fun surprise: Put it Under the Pillow Right before going to bed, slip a little...

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Five Ways To Introduce Children To International Food

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Getting children to eat the meals that you already make may seem hard enough, but increasing a child’s pallet can open them up to all kinds of flavors and interests.There are so many different types of international foods that children can try and enjoy. Finding unique ways to open them up to it may be one of the hardest parts. Instead of just forcing a plate in front of a child’s face, you can present your children with five different methods. By understanding the behavior and actions of your own child, you can easily determine...

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Prevent Damage To Your Restaurant Oven Through Proper Cleaning

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If you own a restaurant, then your oven is likely the most used appliance. This means that you need to treat it with care. One of the worst things you can do is to use the self-cleaning feature. Most modern restaurant and residential use ovens have heating elements that are covered and hidden from view. This helps to keep them protected, but heat gets trapped near the important parts of your oven when you activate the self-cleaning feature. Oven cleaners are also bad for your oven, because they contain caustic chemicals like lye. The oven...

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