Signing Up For A Coffee Subscription? Follow These Tips

28 November 2022
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog

If you love coffee, you might struggle to imagine anything better than having bags of it delivered to your door on a regular basis. Indeed, coffee subscription services like these do exist. There are several companies that offer them, and they tend to provide a wide range of coffees to suit every palate. If you're thinking of signing up for one of these services, here are a few tips that may come in handy as you do so.

Consider getting two bags at once.

Running out of coffee is no fun! Some coffee subscription services give you the option of having two bags delivered each time. This is a good option to select, when possible. If you have two bags of coffee, you're less likely to run out. You will also have two coffees to choose from each morning, which can add to the variety. Plus, if you don't love one of the coffees one month, there will be another option you can instead turn to.

Be open to trying new things.

One of the best parts of signing up for a coffee subscription service is being able to try new things. So, don't pigeonhole yourself into only getting coffees that you already know you'll like. For example, if you typically prefer dark roasts, you can certainly ask to receive more dark roasts in your subscriptions. But you should also be open to a few medium and light roasts now and then. You may discover one that you like more than you expected, opening up a whole new world of coffee for you.

Choose whole-bean coffee, when possible.

If your coffee subscription service lets you choose between whole-bean and pre-ground coffees, then you want to go with whole bean coffees. They stay fresher longer, and they tend to taste better because you can grind them right before brewing. You will need to purchase a grinder if you don't already have one, but those can be bought quite affordably and will really improve your coffee-drinking experience. Some coffee subscription services even let you add accessories like grinders to your delivery, so look into this option.

A coffee subscription can be a fun and easy way to get your monthly coffee and try some new things. You can look for a service that offers whole-bean coffee, or a two coffee bag subscription, and will offer some good variety. Happy drinking along the way!