Three Ways To Buy Calamari

23 June 2022
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog

Calamari is a popular appetizer at seafood restaurants and even eateries that doesn't specialize in seafood. If you've often ordered this dish, perhaps to share with your dining partner, you might be interested in preparing calamari at home. Visiting a seafood shop will give you all sorts of calamari products to consider. You can think about how much effort you wish to put into preparing this dish and then shop accordingly. Here are three ways that you can commonly buy calamari at a seafood shop

Tubes And Tentacles

You'll almost always find that calamari is sold frozen, which is ideal for keeping its freshness if you aren't planning to cook it immediately. Lots of seafood shops carry packages of calamari tubes and tentacles. This means that the calamari is still in its tube shape, rather than sliced into rings. You'll also see groups of tentacles in these packages. There are all sorts of ways that you can prepare calamari tubes and tentacles. A simple method is to slice the tubes into rings, coat the rings and tentacles in flour and spices, and then deep fry or pan fry them. When diced, these pieces can also work well in various pasta dishes and seafood chowder.


You'll also see packages of frozen calamari rings at your local seafood store. These packages generally don't contain tentacles; instead, you just get a number of rings. Buying a package of frozen rings saves you the effort of cutting calamari tubes into rings, essentially eliminating one step from the preparation process. You may enjoy browsing the internet to look at various ways to use calamari rings. While breading and then frying is always an option, don't be afraid to get creative. One idea is to use them in a salad, alongside olive oil, lemon juice, and various other ingredients.


Lots of seafood shops sell prepared calamari rings in bags or boxes. These rings have been coated in breading, which means that all you need to do is fry them. This product requires the least amount of preparation work and time of any calamari product that you can buy. Having prepared calamari rings in your freezer can be handy if you need an appetizer in a short amount of time. For example, if friends drop over for a visit, you can cook the calamari rings while you make a quick dip, resulting in a tasty appetizer you can serve quickly.