Ship And Bake Gifts: The Perfect Gift For Someone Going Through A Chaotic Time

24 January 2022
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog

If you want to send food to a friend or family member who has something chaotic going on in their life, consider a frozen prepackaged gourmet gift instead of something that you cook or take to eat today. You want something that is going to help them out, and there are so many options to send during this time.

You can get cinnamon rolls, pretzels, bread, and other baked bread that is ready for them to store or bake, whatever suits their lifestyle on that day or time. Here are some reasons why this is the best gift, opposed to baking a casserole or sending something from a restaurant.

Cook Easily on Their Time

When something chaotic is going on in someone's life people often reach out with food that is ready to eat right then, and if there is an overwhelming amount some of it goes to waste. Sending a prepacked food gift that they can cook anytime has these advantages:

  • Is already prepped to go in the freezer
  • Can be eaten whenever the receiver wants
  • Freezer to pan is easy to cook with little cleanup

Give them a gift that they can enjoy right then, or later when all the ready-to-eat items are gone and have stopped arriving.

Send a Large Variety

It's easy to send a large variety of things when you are sending items that can be refrigerated or frozen for a greater amount of time. You can send items for any meal, and baked goods, sweets and treats if you want something different than a large meal. Look through the online catalog and order a couple of surprises along with some things that you know they will eat.

Snacks are Always a Success

If there are going to be many trips to a hospital, long days at home, or a lot of travel in the future for the family during this chaotic time, some snack items may also be helpful. This could be some packaged gourmet nuts, meats, cheeses, and similar items.

There is nothing like smelling fresh-baked cinnamon rolls in the morning or a warm pretzel at the end of the day. If you want to help someone with their life in a crazy time and you want to send food, consider some of these easy-to-send items so they can decide when they enjoy your gift, and so you can make their life a little easier at some point down the road. Consider ship bake at home cinnamon rolls or other baked goods for your next snack.