Five Ways To Introduce Children To International Food

5 January 2015
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Getting children to eat the meals that you already make may seem hard enough, but increasing a child's pallet can open them up to all kinds of flavors and interests.There are so many different types of international foods that children can try and enjoy. Finding unique ways to open them up to it may be one of the hardest parts. Instead of just forcing a plate in front of a child's face, you can present your children with five different methods.

By understanding the behavior and actions of your own child, you can easily determine the best methods to introduce the food in their life. Along the way you will probably find a number of foods that you enjoy as well!

Food Box Subscription Services

There are a number of new box subscription services that can deliver treats on a monthly basis. These subscription boxes can be delivered from one nation like Japan, or feature a variety of foods from all different countries.

Children will look forward to their treats arriving in the mail every month. A typical box contains snacks, candies, or small cans of food that can be served with a full meal. Each box explains what the different foods are and children can explore their ingredients and history. Prices vary so it's easy to find a subscription that is within your budget range.

International Restaurants

Kids love the thrill and excitement that comes with different adventures. One of the easiest ways to explore new types of food is at a Japanese restaurant. A majority of these restaurants will feature large griddles where chefs prepare meals right in front of the customers.

Children can watch as chefs entertain and cook the meals right in front of them. The awe factor will keep children excited as they get to enjoy multiple courses of authentic Japanese food. This is a great experience that can also be built up in a child's mind. Explain all the exciting things that the chefs do and leave some surprises for them along the way.

International Grocery Stores

Find a local international grocery store near your home. These stores feature vastly different ingredients than a standard grocery store. To get the child excited, you should browse online at international recipes catered towards children. The children can then pick out a recipe that they want to try and help shop for the ingredients. Once they cook a meal, they can have new foods to enjoy on an everyday basis.

Not only will this help open up a child to new flavors, but the cooking process can easily become a new family tradition.

Cooking Shows

Turn the next family movie night into a family cooking show night. Popular cooking shows, including cooking game shows, often have an international theme applied to them. By watching the shows together you can see how the meals are made, what meals seem appealing, and make a list of meals to order or cook for the next couple of weeks.

For children, there are a lot of cooking shows featuring younger chefs. These chefs can show that kids really do enjoy a lot of different flavors and unique meals from all around the world.

Taste Testing Party

One way to encourage expanded pallets is with a large taste-testing party. At the party, have the child invite a few friends over and then order random entrées from International restaurants around where you live. It's a good idea to select from large sampler platters to give the best variety.

The kids each get their own plate where they can judge the food, select their favorites, and communicate with everyone else. This activity can turn into a lot of fun by ordering a few obscure items like fresh seafood and things that are not found on typical menus. Friends and siblings can earn bonus desserts for trying the largest variety of foods.

It may take some time, but getting your child to become a better eater can go a long way for making healthy decisions.