Buns Of Steel? The Best Buns And Bread For Hearty Sandwiches

9 March 2017
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If you are planning a picnic or potluck, go outside of your usual comfort zone and try something new. Try a different type of bread or roll that you find in your bakery to give guests a treat and to create satisfying sustenance for your guests.

Some tasty and sturdy breads for your favorite hearty fillings are:

Potato buns. For a delicious, soft sandwich, look for potato buns. These are often found fresh-baked at local bakeries and specialty stores. These are hearty and will pair well with thick cuts of meat, rich cheeses, and heavy spreads, such as liverwurst or egg salad.

Kaiser rolls. Kaiser rolls are a great choice when you want to build a king-sized sandwich that won't fall apart when you eat it. These often are topped with seeds, such as poppy or sesame, and the soft, billowy insides are tasty when slathered with aioli or mayo.

Whole-grain loaves. Buy fresh, whole-grain loaves when you are planning a party or picnic. Consider slicing the loaf in-half, lengthwise, to make one large sandwich; slice it later as you would normally slice a loaf of bread to make individual servings at your event. The fiber in whole grain will make for a filling, satisfying sandwich for your guests!

Fresh flatbread. Fresh flatbread has a different consistency and texture than the kind that you might find in a grocery store; bakeries often offer this doughy, seasoned bread regularly. Top herb flatbread with pickled veggies, grated cheese, and crumbled bacon for a satisfying sandwich that is also a culinary treat!

Pumpernickel bread. Pumpernickel is the unsung hero of the bread world; it is often overlooked but never fails to disappoint when you use this for your favorite sandwiches. Hearty and dark, pumpernickel has an almost-sweet taste, which holds up well with tangy toppings like mustards, chutneys, and relishes.

Hawaiian rolls. Hawaiian rolls are sweet and soft, perfect for toasting or baking with your favorite meats and cheeses. These often come in loaves of 12, which you can slice as a whole, fill, and bake in the oven to warm. Try brushing or basting with herb butter for an even more satisfying sandwich option.

Visit local bakeries to find these breads and rolls, as well as to find other fresh-baked options for your picnic or party. Always opt for the freshest offerings, and talk to staff about other specialty breads that may please your palate. A hearty sandwich deserves a hearty bread; try these suggestions today! For more information, try clicking here.