What Wine Is Best for Your Favorite Fast Foods & Snacks?

31 March 2017
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For a whole new taste experience, try pairing some of your favorite fast foods and snacks with a really good glass of caymus wine. The depth of flavor and way that wine can complement these foods will make them taste even better.

Try a new wine with some of your favorite snack foods:

Burgers. If you enjoy a good burger, try a glass of a deep, rich cabernet sauvignon wine to go with it. Beef can stand-up to the bold flavor of this dry red wine, and the wine will bring out the meat's inherent savory flavor. Try this at a cook-out or barbecue, or when you go want to bring burgers home from your favorite take-out.

Pizza. Pizza goes perfectly with a red chianti or pinot noir. These dry red wines enhance the spicy flavors of pizza toppings, and will help to cut the greasy taste of the cheese. Most pizza joints offer an in-house wine list; try a glass of the house red the next time you go out for a pie!

Tacos. If you are eating beef tacos, try a glass of merlot or pinot noir to complement your feast. With chicken tacos or enchiladas, go with a glass of chardonnay or Chablis; the inherent acidity of the wine will cut the fattiness of the dish, while also cleansing your palate of these strong, bold flavors.

Chinese take-out. The next time you bring home Chinese take-out, pick up a bottle of a crisp white wine to go with your meal. A soft, dry white, like a pinot grigio, will help to cut the sweetness of dishes like General Tso's Chicken or Sweet and Sour pork. Also, these wines seem to counter the MSG that is in many popular Asian dishes.

Cheese dip. A dry sparkling wine or champagne will balance well with the richness of the cheese. The bubbles also take away the fatty residue that cheese can leave on your palate. If you prefer a sweet wine, look for an Italian Prosecco to go with your favorite cheeses.

Chocolate. Chocolate pairs well with many wines, but try a glass of port with your dark chocolate treats and desserts. Port is sweet and heavy, and goes nicely with the smaller portions of rich, deeply-flavored chocolate that you might enjoy after a meal.

Try a glass of wine with your next burger or Chinese take-out; it can really enhance the flavors and elevate the entire eating experience! Use these suggestions as a guide when choosing a bottle of wine to pair with your favorite snacks, or to enjoy when eating out.